Invited session speech

F for FPGA or Future?
Kaveh Aasaraai - Hardware Engineer at Jump Trading LLC
Monday, May 21, 2018


FPGAs have gained unprecedented popularity in recent years in both hardware and software industries. All evidence indicates this trend is going to continue at least for the near future. Going forward FPGA vendors, engineers, developers, and end users all will face challenges that are going to be unique to this industry. In this talk I will discuss some of these challenges and their potential impact on programmable fabrics industry and our day-to-day lives as engineers and end-users.

About the speaker

Kaveh Aasaraai is a Canadian-Iranian computer architect who enjoys creating programmable systems. He studied software engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He then switched to the hardware world, researching computer architectures for his Master's and Phd, in Victoria, BC and Toronto, ON respectively. Kaveh worked at Altera for half a decade polishing his verification skills and researching low power FPGA architectures. These days Kaveh designs electronic trading platforms using FPGAs at Jump Trading.